Hi. I’m Ruth — your go-to tech coach.

Everyone can learn tech, regardless of age or experience. Let me help you get empowered. From setting up your new Apple device to training on how to use software for work — we’ll have you up and running in no time! Let’s get you closer to your goals.

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Ahhh… Technology

We’ve all been there — holding a fantastic piece of technology, eager to start, knowing it can do some awesome things… and then the overwhelm sets in:

“There’s so much to learn!”
“This is so confusing!”
“What if I wreck it?”
“I’ll never get this stuff!”
“I’m so frustrated!”

It’s true. Learning to use a new app, software or device can be time consuming, frustrating and overwhelming.

But, before you throw your device against the wall or hit it with a hammer, call me! I can help you gain the skills and confidence you need to happily make the most of your devices, software and apps.

My whole life, friends and family have called me to solve their tech problems. They often say how much they appreciate my patience and ability to meet them where they are with regards to tech.

I thoroughly enjoy being part of their transformation into confident, empowered tech users.

My mission is to help you reach your tech goals with greater ease!

I it when my clients can:

  • Send and receive emails from any device (because their email now syncs automatically across devices).
  • Text, Skype and WhatsApp with friends and loved ones near and far (like my client who was finally able to Skype her friend in South Africa).
  • Enjoy freedom from the annoying mystery error message that keeps popping up on their screen (like when you run out of room on your iPhone).
  • Import, backup and email/text photos to their heart’s content (and make Christmas cards too!).
  • Share files with co-workers via Dropbox or Google Drive — easy peasy!
  • Feel confident about their privacy and legacy contact settings on social media accounts.
  • Feel peace knowing their phone, tablet and computer are safely backed up to a hard drive or to the cloud (and feel proud that they now know what “the cloud” actually is!).
  • Veg out playing a fun game or watching their favorite movie on their phone!

About Tech Coaching

As a tech coach, I focus on meeting you at your level rather than using a cookie-cutter approach.
I come alongside and coach you until you reach your goal.

From a beginner who needs to set up a smartphone, to a business owner who needs assistance with implementing digital marketing — I’m the coach for the job.

Ruth is highly skilled, keeps up on the latest innovations and knows how to teach. She has the patience and talent to do tech coaching. Ruth not only helped me learn to use Skype, but also helped me to find and connect with friends in Mexico and South Africa. Hire her!

— Elizabeth R, Phoenix, AZ

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