What Is Tech Coaching?

Tech changes so fast that it’s hard to keep up, no doubt about it. This means that many people are unsure about technology. Sometimes scared they might break their phones or email or simply too overwhelmed by all the options to use it fully.

As a Tech Coach, I help people…

  • understand what they can do with the tech devices
  • identify goals for both fun and work
  • identify challenges and blocks to using tech tools
  • provide hands-on training to achieve goals (mostly virtual training)

How It Works:

During an initial consultation, we identify your goals and the obstacles that are getting in your way. Some clients are retirees who want to use Skype to keep in touch with family, or who want to learn to text their grandkids. Other clients are business owners who want to use Google’s business apps to improve their workflow and streamline communications with their team. Others want to discover some fun games to play while on vacation.

I specialize in helping tech newbies overcome obstacles to enjoy tech more fully. I’m patient, have several teaching/training methodologies that I adapt according to each students needs. When I say I’m a coach, I mean it. There will be some times when I might have you repeat a certain motion on your phone 10-20 times until you’re able to do that one thing that makes you want to chuck it against the wall. Phones, tablets and touch pads can be finicky. Usually all it takes is a couple of minutes of me observing how you’re using a device to be able to find out if we need to adjust the settings on the device or help you move your fingers in a different way so that you can achieve the objective.

I help with practical things such as how you physically interact with the device (even your posture) as well as teaching you how to use shortcuts on your computer to save time, or how to share files via Dropbox, upload photos to your computer, or troubleshoot your email when it stops working. If you are in business, I show you how to use business software for marketing or productivity.

This all being said, I’m also a huge proponent of going low-tech. Want me to set you up with a flip phone? I can do that! Paper planner? I’ve got some faves. I’m all about technology serving people, rather than people serving technology. I use classical coaching methods and tools, such as active listening, empathy, inquiry, goal setting and assessments together with hands-on tech training to help my clients make the most of their tech devices, software and opportunities.

Tech Coaching is for you if…

  • You want to use apps but don’t know where to start…
  • You’re frustrated because you get lost when using your computer.
  • You’re willing to invest some time and money into learning new skills.

Tech Coaching is not for you if…

  • You already know everything about tech.
  • You hate learning new things.
  • You aren’t willing to give yourself a chance.

Ready to enjoy tech in a new way?

Let’s get started!

Please know how much I value your expertise, manner of being, supporting, ensuring, and teaching. You are masterful.  Thank you!

Paula H.

Grad Student

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